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Jalwayu Parvartan evam Krishi (Climate change and Agriculture)

During last few years the issue of climate change is being explicitly pronounced all over the world. The steadily increasing atmospheric temperature of the world has seriously raised the question of human survival. Obviously it is  a matter of great concern for all of us.  In India, the sustainability of agriculture,   the mainstay of our economy and livelihood of people, has been a matter of great concern. The present book is prepared with the context to comprehend the nature of climate change and its impact on our agriculture.

Pages : 28 Price : Rs. 30.00
Mote Anajo Ke Vyanjan (Millets recipes)

This is a recipe book of foods prepared with millet crops. The main intention of this publication is to popularize the importance and usefulness of millet crops. The recipes of foods are collected from different areas and described in a very simple and attractive way so that rural and urban people can be benefited equally and develop their taste and use of millets in their daily routine diets. Pages : 40


Owing to large and inappropriate use of chemicals in insecticides, the health and quality of men, animals and crops are all adversely affected. As a result, agriculture becomes a non-remunerative occupation, especially for small and medium farmers. Therefore, alternatives are required. There are several alternatives for chemical insecticides which the farmers can apply at lesser expose and revive his health and increase his produce. This booklet provides a few useful alternatives.

Pages : 50 Price : Rs. 30.00

For plant to grow properly, good, strong seeds are required. Without good seeds, no farmer will able to raise a good harvest, though he may have all other infrastructure. This publication has been developed for farmers and others associated with agriculture which contains detailed information about seed production and conservation.

Pages : 40 Price : Rs. 30.00