Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group

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Gorakhpur city – grappling with extreme rainfall, climate change and flooding
Decentralised solid waste management for building resilience to climate change impacts
Promoting climate resilient agriculture and ensuring sustainable livelihoods
Creating livelihood opportunities and empowering women
Building community institutions and ensuring their participation for sustainable development

Welcome to Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group

In 1975, a motivated group of students, researchers and faculty of the Ecology lab of the Botany department of Uttar Pradesh's Gorakhpur University, influenced by the Chipko Movement at home and the Stockholm Conference of 1972 formed the Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG) to preserve the local environment and conserve natural resources. Many local awareness and environmental education campaigns in solidarity with various contemporary national and international environmental movements widened the ideological horizons of the GEAG. In 1983 the informal organization was registered as a non-profit organization under the Society's Registration Act, 1960. Since then GEAG has emerged as a well established implementing, resource, consultative and support organization in northern India on sustainable agriculture, sustainable livelihood models, adaptation to climate change, gender equity and rights of small and marginal farmers across the state.

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Hamara Gorakhpur

It is time that we Gorakhpurians, introspect our development experience over the last few decades in light of the emerging challenges of climate change. our city situated at the confluence of the rivers Rapti (earlier known as Achirawati) and Rohin (Rohini)... Read More