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Department of Science and Technology, Core Support Programme

Under the Core Support Programme awarded to GEAG by the Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Governm

Developing Climate Resilient Livelihood and Community Resource Institutions by Integrated Ecosystem Management Approach

The project aimed to build a hands-on community-based climate resilient livelihood models with an ecosystem management approach in flood-

Flood Resilient Livelihood System with Special Focus on Women Farmers

Climate change in the form of uncertain rainfall, floods, droughts, temperature changes and increasing humidity is adversely affecting th

Building Climate Resilient Livelihood for Excluded Communities

The project aimed to develop the capacities of small land holding poor farmers so that they are able to improve their livelihood situatio

Integrated Flood Model

In Uttar Pradesh, frequent extreme weather events and climate change have had impacts not only on the agricultural production but also on

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