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Strengthening peri-urban ecosystems for urban climate change resilience: Addressing knowledge and capacity gaps

Neglecting peri-urban spaces and its ecosystems is resulting in loss and degradation of associated ecosystem services.

Rejuvenation and conservation of waterbodies to enhance groundwater recharge and support various ecosystem services in the urban environment

In district Gautam Budh Nagar, fast urbanization and industrial growth have resulted in over-extraction of groundwater and over-concretiz

Promoting Model of Market Access for the Small and Marginal Farmers of Peri-Urban Areas of Gorakhpur City

The project aims to promote better market access for small and marginal farmers in the peri-urban areas of Gorakhpur to ensure a wider re

Enhancing Climate Resilience of Gorakhpur City by Buffering Floods through Climate Resilient Peri-Urban Agriculture

The peri-urban areas of Gorakhpur are particularly prone to recurring floods and waterlogging for two to three months every year, as a re

Crop Diversification - More Options, Less Risk

In the last several decades in eastern Uttar Pradesh, the frequency and intensity of floods have increased, with a recurrence every 3-4 y

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