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Weather Agro Advisories Paper

Gandak is one of the major rivers flowing across the India-Nepal border which supports the livelihood of large population on both the sid

Patna Urban Climate Resilience Workshop Report

Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG) is a voluntary organization working in the field of environment and sustaina

Building Climate Resilience: The Economics of Alternative Development Futures

Development pathways influence urban cities’ greenhouse gas emission portfolios and global climate trends.  This Rockefeller Foundation s

Sheltering from a gathering storm

Shelter accounts for the highest monetary losses in climate-related disasters and is therefore a significant cost for governments, the pr

Urban community based micro resilience model of ward exposed to climate and hydro-meteorological risk

This project focused on establishing micro planning mechanisms by creating a live learning model of a climate resilient ward planning in

Climate Change Resilience for Children and Urban Governance

GEAG, with the support of UNICEF, New Delhi, India undertook a research study on Climate Change Resilience for Children and Urban Governa

Building Capacity of GEAG to Lead Urban Climate Change Resilience in Eastern India

The Rockefeller Foundation supported programme was focused to build sustainable capacity of GEAG for leading UCCR initiatives in Eastern

Building Climate Change and Disaster Resilience for Urban Children

Urban poor children who lack appropriate safeguards and adequate care are highly vulnerable to increasing climate change impacts in the f

Climate Resilient Housing
Khudru, who lives in Mahewa, benefited from GEAG’s intervention on “Risk Resilient Building” to construct a low-cost climate resilient house.
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