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Insights_Puri, Odisha: Agriculture Livestock & Fisheries Departments Key Recommendations for CCA-DRR Integration

A revised DDMP for Puri in Odisha provides technical support for strengthening capacity of stakeholders including communities and institutions for fast-track implementation of the planning frameworks on CCA & DRR.

It has come up with key recommendations that include agriculture, livestock & fisheries departments too. These proposals for each of these departments include:

Forest Department

  • Urban forestry programme should be allowed by Puri Municipality by way of land allocation and funds
  • Need for training of lower level staff and specific budgetary allocation for the same.
  • Use mechanised way of plantation rather than traditional methods

Agriculture Department

  • Encourage weather advisory for farmers
  • Deliberate on water harvesting structures such as check dams on canal
  • Ensure procurement and distribution of quality seeds in
  • Increase budget provision in capacity building of farmers

Animal Husbandry

  • Recruit field staff people with knowledge of animal care
  • Take on technical & man-power resources for additional responsibilities
  • Godowns should be constructed at Block level for cattle feed storage
  • Need for focused research of animal’s adaptability in Puri environment preferred
  • Need for scientific probing of re-emergence of disease after vaccination

Fisheries Department

  • Need to develop departmental contingency plans
  • Damage and loss assessment post disaster to be done together with the fisheries department, as the assessing personnel are unaware of the fish species lost, its value and other technical issues involved
  • Escalation of mechanization of 100% DAT operated boats may be planned together with SDRF for better coordination of activities

This is an excerpt from a revised DDMP,  formulated with the integration of CCA-DRR concerns, undertaken by  Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG) on a CDKN supported intervention in Puri district of Odisha, for Integrating Climate Change Concerns into Disaster Management and Development Planning .