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Multi-layered Stakeholders’ Dialogue to Build Support for Sustainable Water Resources Management in Kosi River Basin

Bihar, India
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The Asia Foundation

This research project is the second phase of previous project undertaken in Kosi basin. The project is being supported by The Asia foundation and Sustainable Development Investment Portfolio (SDIP). In this phase, the overall aim of the project is to initiate dialogue process with the key stakeholders of India and Nepal to build appreciation and alignment on sustainable water resources management in Kosi River Basin at local, sub-basin, basin and trans-boundary levels.

Under the project, inferences of the previous study of political economic analysis of the basin will be shared at National, Provincial and basin level. A group of neutral conveners from India and Nepal will be identified to facilitate the multi-layered and multi-stage stakeholders to evolve solution of sustainable water resources management of trans-boundary Kosi river basin between Indian and Nepal.


It is envisioned that the project will have the following impacts :

  • Wider dissemination of the key messages of the political economic analysis of Kosi river basin and their implementation
  • Build ownership among stakeholders and initiation on multi-stakeholder dialogue process and commitment on integration of findings in policies and actions
  • Consented approach and processes will be developed for  engaging neutral conveners and stakeholders on the sustainable use of water resources of the Kosi river basin
  • Consensus building pathways will be evolved  for pursuing sustainable water resources management in Kosi Basin