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Indian Female Farmers Strive to Overcome Era of Marginalization

Source: Sputnik News (New Delhi)

Language: English

Date: 18 September 2018

Brief: Despite the significant role of women in agricultural production, their contribution is never recognized and rewarded. They are deprived of the basic rights of land, credits, seeds and most importantly, they do not even have the identity as a ‘farmer’. Several NGOs in India have been working to empower women farmers and end gender disparity in agriculture. Oxfam India (via Sputnik News, New Delhi) shares success stories of intrepid women farmers from the “Aaroh Campaign” who have emerged as an inspiration for many. Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG) led the Aaroh Campaign in Uttar Pradesh along with four other grassroots NGOs. The campaign which started in 2006 aimed at securing land rights for women farmers and was concluded in 2017. Establishing the identity of women farmers and their recognition by the government is the biggest achievement of this campaign. 

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Picture Credits: Oxfam India