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"My City, My Responsibility"

Source: Dainik Jagran

Language: Hindi

Date: 6 December 2018

Brief: Who understands the problems of a city better than the people who live there? After all, they are the first ones to face the brunt and effect of any change. And with the backdrop of a changing climate, these transformations are not only immediate but also tend to have larger repercussions in the not so distant future.

Gorakhpur is a growing city. And like any other on the rise urban spaces, faces numerous challenges that affect both the city and its people.

Here is a chance for the citizens to voice their concern on matters that affect them in their day to day living. GEAG has partnered with Radio City to bring you a platform where you can talk, discuss and possibly find solutions to these daily hassles.

Join RJ Preeti, as she takes on queries and issues head-on in this new series ‘My city, My responsibility’, so that the citizens and the city can move ahead on the path to a disaster-free, resilient Gorakhpur.