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Strengthening peri-urban ecosystems for urban climate change resilience: Addressing knowledge and capacity gaps

Neglecting peri-urban spaces and its ecosystems is resulting in loss and degradation of associated ecosystem services.

Developing resilience capacities in communities affected by river Gandak Floods

This project aims to develop the resilience capacities of two village communities in block Thakrahan of District Champaran in Bihar, whic

Rejuvenation and conservation of waterbodies to enhance groundwater recharge and support various ecosystem services in the urban environment

In district Gautam Budh Nagar, fast urbanization and industrial growth have resulted in over-extraction of groundwater and over-concretiz

Accelerating ODF Outcomes in 3 Districts of Uttar Pradesh

Posing serious threat on sanitation health and dignity of human beings Open Defecation is a menace.  It is a much intense problem in deve

Multi-layered Stakeholders’ Dialogue to Build Support for Sustainable Water Resources Management in Kosi River Basin

This research project is the second phase of previous project undertaken in Kosi basin.

Indian women, food and climate change training initiative

The goal of the project was to provide ecological farming training, appropriate technology, rights education, and seed funding to grassro

Enhancing livelihood situation of small farmers in flood affected areas of Eastern Uttar Pradesh

Unpredictability and variability of climate is a growing concern of hundreds and thousands of conventional agriculturists.

Building Climate Resilience: The Economics of Alternative Development Futures

Development pathways influence urban cities’ greenhouse gas emission portfolios and global climate trends.  This Rockefeller Foundation s

Sheltering from a gathering storm

Shelter accounts for the highest monetary losses in climate-related disasters and is therefore a significant cost for governments, the pr

Roll out of Vitamin A, Adolescent and Maternal Health Programme in Madhya Pradesh

GEAG has been providing technical assistance to the State Government of Madhya Pradesh for effective implementation of nutrition programm

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