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Building Capacity of GEAG to Lead Urban Climate Change Resilience in Eastern India

Basirhat (West Bengal), Jorhat (Assam) and Saharsa (Bihar), India
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The Rockefeller Foundation

The Rockefeller Foundation supported programme was focused to build sustainable capacity of GEAG for leading UCCR initiatives in Eastern India by assisting three cities – Saharsa (Bihar), Basirhat (West Bengal) and Jorhat (Assam) in carrying out the vulnerability analysis and developing city resilience strategies.  Through this processes, efforts have been made to mainstream UCCR in the development process of the cities so that they can build their own capacity to function as resource organization to design, plan, operate and manage climate change projects. The project also undertook advocacy on UCCR issues at the state, national and international levels for scaling-up and replication of these processes.


Following are the major outcomes and impacts of the program:

  • Formulation of city resilience strategy of three cities
  • Strengthening network to disseminate the UCCR process in different parts of the country
  • A thematic cadre of professionals like Climatologist, GIS expert, Health and Sanitation, Urban Governance, Urban DRR has been developed within the organization.
  • GEAG is progressing as a resource centre on UCCR and peri-urban agriculture issues in Eastern India and the process is being replicated in other cities of the region.
  • Establishing a link between urban and peri-urban areas for urban resilience.
  • New opportunities created in eastern India to share and discuss UCCR in the region.