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Preventing anaemia in adolescent girls through Weekly Iron and Folic Acid Supplementation
In India, anaemia is a critical public health problem. Adolescents (10–19 years) are at higher risk of iron deficiency.
Bamboo Toilet: An economic and easy step towards ending open defecation
Shashi and several other women from small and marginal landholder farmer families of village Kudwa no longer step out to defecate in open.
Endeavouring to Protect the Rights and Entitlements of Women Farmers
The small and marginal women farmers of Uttar Pradesh are those hard-working women who contribute to more than 80%
Decentralized Solid Waste Management through Community Participation
Gorakhpur is a low-lying city in eastern Uttar Pradesh that has a severe solid waste disposal problem. About 300 tons of solid waste is generated every day;
Flush with Dirty Water, Gorakhpur Villages set up Treatment Plant

Using untreated wastewater for irrigation was a common practice by small and marginal farmers in the peri-urban areas of Gorakhpur.

Women Change Makers in the Field

GEAG’s field interventions in eastern Uttar Pradesh have immensely strengthened the struggles of poor women, especially small and margina

Crop Diversification - More Options, Less Risk

In the last several decades in eastern Uttar Pradesh, the frequency and intensity of floods have increased, with a recurrence every 3-4 y

Saving a Dying Lake
The Ramgarh Lake, over 20 sq km in area, is now reduced by pollution and encroachment to only 17 sq km.
Climate Resilient Housing
Khudru, who lives in Mahewa, benefited from GEAG’s intervention on “Risk Resilient Building” to construct a low-cost climate resilient house.
Village Level Committees for DRR
GEAG believes that for people to deal better with disasters and their changing characters, it is important to build the adaptive capacities of communities
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