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Patna diary: On the road to resilience

Patna, as many other cities across the country, is under great stress.

Inclusive Resilience-Stories of Small Marginal Women Farmers

Language: English
Type: Book
Location: Uttar Pradesh, India

Developing Climate Resilient Livelihood and Community Resource Institutions by Integrated Ecosystem Management Approach

The project aimed to build a hands-on community-based climate resilient livelihood models with an ecosystem management approach in flood-

Flood Resilient Livelihood System with Special Focus on Women Farmers

Climate change in the form of uncertain rainfall, floods, droughts, temperature changes and increasing humidity is adversely affecting th

Scaling up Sub-National Climate and Disaster Smart Development in India

Disasters are inevitable but can be managed smartly through proper planning and execution.

Enhancing Climate Resilience of Gorakhpur City by Buffering Floods through Climate Resilient Peri-Urban Agriculture

The peri-urban areas of Gorakhpur are particularly prone to recurring floods and waterlogging for two to three months every year, as a re

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