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Vision & Mission

Submitted by admin on 16 July 2018


A vibrant learning organisation constantly maintaining its thematic and strategic relevance to the constantly changing needs and aspirations of the communities it works with or for, that is able to meaningfully share the lessons of its experience and research with other collaborating institutions and individuals in a spirit of reciprocity and mutually and that is able to generate adequate financial, knowledge and other resources through its own means such that it can freely pursue its vision, mission and values, and function as an autonomous institution of repute in the areas of environmental sustainability and ecological balance.


Having acquired considerable knowledge and experience base in GEAG’s programmatic themes for almost three decades, and established workable levels of deliverable system therefore, to consolidate GEAG’s learning–conceptual as well as systemic, and the gain thereof and to upscale gender sensitive interventions-laterally as well as in-depth as resource, networking and advocacy institution, by upgrading futurist knowledge, skills and competencies, and securing higher degree of financial self-reliance, with a view to becoming sustainable and more effectively realizing GEAG’s programmatic mission.