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Who we are

We are an NGO that undertakes development initiatives for weaker sections of the society in rural and urban India, working hand in hand with the community towards sustainable development.

We are a not-for-profit organization that focuses on sustainable development through on-ground initiatives. We believe in a people-centred approach that encourages participation, awareness and empowerment of the community in all of our activities. Established in 1975, GEAG has been addressing issues of sustainable agriculture and livelihoods, rights and interests of small and marginal and women farmers, community health, training and capacity building. Given the realities of climate change and its adverse impacts on the poor, vulnerable and marginalised sections of society, we now actively work towards climate change adaptation and community resilience. Coupled with our inherent belief in the power of community engagement is our work with the government. We share our success stories and support the government in adopting such people-led models of development.

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