About Us

What we do

We work on development initiatives for a people led sustainable future that is both environment friendly and gender just. GEAG also offers training programmes and activities to strengthen capacity building and institutional development for client groups.

GEAG is a voluntary organization working in the field of environment and sustainable development since 1975. We are actively engaged in the implementation of several development projects that address livelihood issues of small and marginal farmers, particularly women, based on ecological and gender sensitive participatory approach.

Besides, GEAG has accomplished several appraisals, studies, researches at the micro and macro levels, and successfully conducted a number of capacity building programmes for various stakeholders, including women farmers, civil society groups and government officials.

In a nutshell:

We work on
  • Sustainable agriculture and livelihoods
  • Rights and interests of small, marginal and women farmers
  • Community health, training and capacity building
  • Climate change adaptation and disaster resilience
We work with
  • Poor, deprived and marginalized sections of society
  • Small, marginal and women farmers
  • Community in rural & urban settings
  • Government in people-led models of development

Apart from project related guidance and extension activities, GEAG offers a number of training programmes directed at human resource development and institutional building.

Highlights of our participatory training programmes
  • Adequate facilities
  • Usage of advanced technology
  • Competent and experienced resource persons
  • Qualified facilitators for more intensive and effective learning
  • Active involvement of participants
  • Varied training methods such as case-analysis, role plays, lectures, audio-visuals, games and group discussions
  • Excellent communication skills in both Hindi and English language
Our prestigious clients
  • NGO's
  • Government departments
  • Banks
  • Financial institutions
  • Local people‚Äôs institutions

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