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Insights_Almora, Uttarakhand: Department wise key recommendations on CCA-DRR integration

Integrating CCA-DRR in the disaster plan of a city can result in a robust plan of action, one in which all the stakeholders are involved, participative and their capacities for build-back-better enhanced.

The DDMP of Almora in Uttarakhand was revised to do just that.

During the intervention, the Shared Learning Dialogue exercise with each line department was conducted and gaps were identified, based on which the following recommendations were given:

Police Department

  •  Requirement of more fire hydrants and static water tanks in new areas, small towns and villages, especially where forest fire is more prevalent
  • Provision for more maintenance funds
  • Procurement and distribution of snow boots to the personnel
  • Development of specific strategy to encourage women to apply and join the police force

Public Works Department

  • Cater for periodic meeting and actions with forest department
  • Refer and use good practises like ADB’s UEAP project where SoR is higher than PWD normal rates, for policy changes for provisions for resilient roads construction
  • Share lessons from execution of restoration/repairs/new construction program as there are diverse guidelines, program and schemes
  • Make loss assessment process simple and fast
  • Take help of provision from SDRF for post-disaster repairing work

Education Department

  • Install solar panels in schools where power is a problem
  • Provide water lifting pump for schools
  • Timely release of funds for repair and maintenance

Electricity Department

  • Revise costing norms
  • Review verification norms and make simpler
  • Minimise funds disbursement time


  • Ensure that land zoning policy and building code are in place with specific re-enforcing agencies
  • Plant wide leaves tress
  • Reserve 10-15 barrel of ATF that can be used in aviation by the department
  • Install more rain gauges
  • Equip revenue police with modern communication tools
  • Provide recognition/award for exemplary work by revenue staff
  • Give women equal preference in training and other activities

Panchayati Raj

  • Cater for higher norms for hilly areas where the terrain demands higher per-unit costs of infrastructure
  •  Train panchayat members on DM and other developmental schemes and norms

Jal Sansthan

  • Develop new resilient technologies in drinking water supply
  • Develop project under UWDP
  • Deploy trained manpower in the field or training of community on repairing and maintenance

Almora Municipality

  • Improve drainage
  • Consider overhead tanks for drinking water reserve in emergency situation
  • Require more funds for repairing and maintenance
  • Ensure building bylaws are in place

This is an excerpt from a revised DDMP,  formulated with the integration of CCA-DRR concerns, undertaken by  Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG) on a CDKN supported intervention in Almora, district of Uttarakhanduri district of Odisha, for Integrating Climate Change Concerns into Disaster Management and Development Planning .