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Insights_Puri, Odisha: Capacity Building Needs on CCA-DRR Integration

In the course of the intervention, it was found that it is necessary to build capacity of district and state level departments on mainstreaming CCA-DRR integration.  This is possible if all the stakeholders are involved in the process. A few ways on how this can be achieved is listed here below

At the State level through:

  • Orientation on SFDRR, SDGs, Paris Climate Change Agreement & inter linkages
  • Training on integration of CCA-DRR with inter departmental convergence
  • Establish periodic review of planning and implementation

At the District level through:

  • Capacity building on integration of CCA-DRR with inter departmental convergence
  • Review of developmental plan implementation in view of disaster and climate risks on periodic basis under the aegis of DM & DDMA
  • A monitoring and review mechanism of DDMP to be developed and enforced
  • Climate data need to be generated at micro level and required infrastructure & capacity need to be built
  • Deployment/fresh appointment of expert or nodal officer in emergency section and in other key line departments

This is an excerpt from a revised DDMP,  formulated with the integration of CCA-DRR concerns, undertaken by  Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG) on a CDKN supported intervention in Puri district of Odisha, for Integrating Climate Change Concerns into Disaster Management and Development Planning .