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Developing resilience capacities in communities affected by river Gandak Floods

This project aims to develop the resilience capacities of two village communities in block Thakrahan of District Champaran in Bihar, whic

Weather Agro Advisories Paper

Gandak is one of the major rivers flowing across the India-Nepal border which supports the livelihood of large population on both the sid

Multi-layered Stakeholders’ Dialogue to Build Support for Sustainable Water Resources Management in Kosi River Basin

This research project is the second phase of previous project undertaken in Kosi basin.

Towards integrating disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation: Understanding flood risk and resilience in Eastern India

The Gorakhpur District is recognised as the most flood-prone district in eastern Uttar Pradesh, India.

Scaling up Sub-National Climate and Disaster Smart Development in India

Disasters are inevitable but can be managed smartly through proper planning and execution.

Developing Multi-Hazard District Disaster Management Plan in Bihar

Disaster Management Act, 2005 mandated to develop District Disaster Management Plan (DDMP) for all the districts of India.

State Level Departmental Disaster Management Plan and Standard Operating Procedures of Key Departments of Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a state prone to natural disasters and the Government of Uttarakhand (GoUK) has taken several steps in the recent years to

Fragility, Complexity and Development: A Political Economy Analysis of Kosi Basin

Kosi Sub-basin has been a focus of a variety of hydrological interventions for irrigation, flood control, up-stream hydropower developmen

Enhancing Civil Society and Community-Based Organizations’ Engagement on Trans-Boundary Water Issues in the West Rapti River Basin

Asymmetric water treaties between India and Nepal, competition to safeguard national interest on issues such as hydropower, irrigation, f

Integration of Climate Change in Disaster Risk Reduction Initiatives in Bihar with Focus on Children

Climate change and climatic variability have impacted and will continue to impact all sectors, from national and economic security to hum

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