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Bridging the Big and the Small of Ecology for sustainable livelihoods in Kosi Basin

Under the Kosi Project (1954-59), embankments were constructed to aid flood protection, meet irrigation needs and encourage hydroelectric

No fair deal: Way ahead for Kosi project victims

A flood control and irrigation project was commissionedin 1954 between India and Nepal, on the trans-boundary river Kosi.

Caught between Embankments and Nations: Trans-Boundary Stakeholder Dialogues in Kosi Basin

Laukaha village in Supaul in North Bihar is caught between the embankments of the river Kosi, a river known for its floods and unpredicta

Promoting Latrine Use in Rural India

In rural India, 90 percent of households do not own a latrine, and 61 percent of individuals defecate in the open.

Aaroh: Asserting Rights, Demanding Justice- A Campaign for Women Farmers

The Aaroh campaign aimed to achieve the rights of women farmers in Uttar Pradesh.

Endeavouring to Protect the Rights and Entitlements of Women Farmers
The small and marginal women farmers of Uttar Pradesh are those hard-working women who contribute to more than 80%
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