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Gender and Social Inclusion

Gender and Social Inclusion

Promoting gender equality and social inclusion within development is integral to achieving significant and sustainable advancements in agriculture, health, climate resilience, disaster management, governance, and so on.

GEAG is committed to achieving these goals in each of its projects. GEAG has significant experience and expertise in the implementation of gender and social inclusion considerations as cross-cutting issues within development programmes.

Gender and social inclusion has been in the centre of all activities that GEAG undertakes in rural and urban spaces. GEAG’s field-level interventions have strengthened the struggles of poor women and men

against poverty and discrimination based on gender and caste. GEAG implements its projects with several key strategies. Some are economic empowerment and capacity building of women, particularly in the areas of entrepreneurship and access to credit; advocacy for the rights and interests of small marginal woman farmers; and gender- and child-sensitive development planning.

Relevant Projects

Gendered Varietal Trials and Participatory Evaluation and Learning
2017 | Supported By: International Rice Research Institute
Indian women, food and climate change training initiative
2011 | Supported By: Women Earth Alliance (WEA)