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Technical and Implementation Support to Vitamin A, Zinc ORS and Adolescent Nutrition Programme in Uttar Pradesh

20 Districts of Uttar Pradesh, India
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Nutrition International (NI)

Uttar Pradesh contributes approximately 24 per cent of all under-5 deaths of the country. The State has very high rate of under-nutrition. Prevalence of diarrhoea in under-5 children in the state is 10.82 per cent.  While ongoing programmes of Health and ICDS have made efforts to address the problem of malnourishment, the results have not been very encouraging so far. On the other hand, adolescents aged 10-19 years are at a high risk of iron deficiency and anaemia due to poor dietary intake, increased requirement of iron and high rate of infections.

Government of India has launched various programs on nutritional supplementation of under-5 children and adolescents. Biannual campaign namely Bal Swasthya Poshan Mah focuses on periodic supplementation of Vitamin A to under-5 children. On the other hand National Iron plus Initiative, a flagship program, has provision of IFA supplementation to school going and out-of-school adolescent girls on weekly basis. Similarly to counter diarrhoea, Government of India had launched a programme namely ‘Integrated Approaches for Prevention and Management of Pneumonia and Diarrhea (IAPPD)’ in 2014 to reduce the child mortality rate through integrated approach.

Intervention Area:
Nutrition International, in partnership with GEAG as the implementing agency, is providing technical support to the Government of Uttar Pradesh to implement vitamin A, iron and folic acid (IFA) and diarrhoea management programmes in 253 blocks of 20 districts of Uttar Pradesh.

The objectives are threefold:
(a) Ensure timely micronutrients supply for under-5 years old children and adolescent girls
 (b) Increase in coverage area, and
(c) Quality service delivery to the beneficiaries.

Key Outcomes
Vitamin A Supplementation & Zinc/ORS:

  1. Improved Coverage of Vitamin A in NI’s intervention districts & blocks
  2. Improved procurement and timely distribution
  3. Improved monitoring and quick corrective measures
  4. Improved data recording and reporting

Adolescent nutrition intervention (WIFS program):

  1. Increase in coverage
  2. Procurement and distribution improvement
  3. Improved data recording and reporting

Diarrhoea Management Program (support in IAPPD):

  1. NI has initiated to help the State Government roll out of IAPPD in its 20 intervention districts with the help of GEAG as its implementation partner. Initially, training programmes for government officials have been organized in all 20 districts
  2. 759 officials from various programmes (BPM, BCPM, HEO/ARO) got trained in 21 district level trainings. Further, ANMs are also being oriented on the programme by these trained officials in routine meetings

A total of 6,303 ANMs were oriented out of 6,859 in all 20 project districts in their routine weekly meetings by trained block level officials at district level IAPPD trainings


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