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Patna Urban Climate Resilience Workshop Report

Year of Publication: 
Patna, Bihar, India

Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG) is a voluntary organization working in the field of environment and sustainable development since 1975. Ever since its inception, GEAG has been actively engaged in implementing several development projects addressing livelihood issues of small and marginal farmers, particularly women, based on ecological principles and gender sensitive participatory approach. Besides, GEAG has accomplished several appraisals, studies, researches at the micro and macro levels as well as successfully conducted a number of capacity building programmes for various stakeholders including women farmers, civil societies groups and government officials etc.

GEAG has established its identity in North India as a leading resource institution on sustainable agriculture, participatory approaches, methodologies and gender.
Acknowledging its achievements, GEAG was awarded with the Lighthouse Activity Award by UNFCCC in 2013. GEAG also holds the Observer status to Green Climate Fund. (www.