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Krishi ka Vikas MGNREGA ke Saath

Language: Hindi
Type: Report
Location: Uttar Pradesh, India

Step Towards Safe and Climate Friendly Home

Language: English
Type: Technical Report

Insights_Puri, Odisha: Challenges and Highlights for CCA-DRR Integration

The CDKN supported intervention in Puri district overall objective was to ma

Making Children Climate Resilient: These Cities show the Way

Good governance is about the processes that make and implement decisions which affect a city and its people in a positive manner.

Indigenous Traditional Knowledge: For Disaster Reduction Risk in DDMP

As disaster intensity has increased across the world, the number of people affected by them also has swelled.

Leveraging MGNREGA for Disaster Risk Reduction in DDMP

Climate change plays a pivotal role in the disasters that the world is facing today.

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