Child Forest Programme

Duration: 2014-2017

Status: Completed
Focus Area
Environmental Conservation & Awareness
Supported by
JICA and Forest Department of Uttar Pradesh
Gorakhpur District, Uttar Pradesh, India
Tag Words

Environment Protection, Livelihood Improvement, Sanitation, Kitchen Garden, Solid Waste Management

The Child Forest Programme (CFP) had multiple agendas for reforestation, environment and livelihood improvement by way of incorporating children as their mascots.

Following were the key objectives of CFP:

  • -To grow plantations by planting various suitable tree species in areas designated by the school and maintain in the long term.
  • -To educate and sensitize students and their families on the importance of the forest to maintain our environment and to encourage them to protect and preserve it.
  • -To promote a sense of affection towards nature and vegetation.
  • -To motivate the students to initiate networking and mobilize the community to undertake activities for environmental protection and ecological conservation.

Following are the activities and impacts of the program:

  • -Total 50 schools covered in Gorakhpur District
  • -50 CFP Action Teams have been developed
  • -Educational aid has been distributed
  • -7500 plantation drives have been conducted in schools and students’ home
  • -Environmental awareness programmes have been conducted
  • -Kitchen gardens and solid waste management in 15 schools

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