Community Engagement for Building Climate Resilient Village

Duration: 2021 - 2022

Status: Completed
Focus Area
Community Led Eco-Based Solutions, Climate Resilience
Supported by
The Asia Foundation
Supaul District, Bihar
Tag Words

Climate Degradation, MNREGA, KCC

The project aimed to create mainstream community-led eco-based solutions to address climate degradation, loss of livelihood, and sustainable use of natural resources in the planning process of the government of Bihar's Resilient Village Programme.

Key Activities
  • Create Resilient Village Development Plans for five village in Bihar along with the community and the panchayat representatives, based on the Bihar Disaster Risk Reduction Roadmap 2015-2030.
  • Capacity building of Sub-National and Community leaders that includes the selection of a Master Trainer and inclusion of women participants.
  • Five disaster-affected villages completed their Resilient Village Development Plans, which detail all activities to be undertaken under disaster risk reduction measures.
  • 75 farmers have been associated with existing welfare schemes and programmes, like e E-Shram Card, MNREGA, KCC, and others.

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