Core Group Polio Project

Duration: 2012-onwards

Status: Ongoing
Focus Area
Supported by
Catholic Relief Services, Lucknow
Mau District, Uttar Pradesh
Tag Words

Polio, Supplemental Polio Immunization (SPI), Routine Immunization (RI)

The Core Group Polio Project (CGPP) was launched in Mau district of Uttar Pradesh with the aim of strengthening national and regional immunization systems to achieve polio eradication.

The key approach was to supports NGOs to strengthen national and regional immunization systems to achieve polio eradication while increasing their involvement and supporting timely documentation.

Following are the key activities undertaken:

  • -Setting up of health camps which helped in addressing the issues of XR, catered to health needs of the community and created an interface between government health services and communities
  • -Routine immunization activities
  • -Monitoring of RI sessions
  • -Influencers’ meeting
  • -Mothers’ meeting
  • -ASHA coordination meetings
  • -Social mobilization

Following are the major impacts of the program:

  • - Routine Immunization coverage (coverage of zero polio, BCG and DPT) has increased in the districts.
  • -Quality of mothers’ meeting improved over the period.
  • -The mothers’ meeting started taking place on a rotation basis in the community to cover the mothers of the entire project area.
  • -RI became a priority of the government.
  • -The review on RI indicators started taking place at the block, district and state level.
  • -The logistics and supply issues that were major challenges started getting addressed.
  • -The left out areas have been covered through Additional RI camps.
  • -The booth coverage has increased.
  • -The data of booth coverage has been closely monitored and discussed in the CGPP review meetings held at state, district and block levels, which has helped to focus more on this indicator.

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