Flood Resilient Livelihood System with Special Focus on Women Farmers

Duration: 2012-2016

Status: Completed
Supported by
Poorest Areas Civil Society (PACS)- A DFID Programme
Maharajganj, Sant Kabir Nagar and Kushinagar Districts of Uttar Pradesh
Tag Words

Resilient Livelihood, Women Farmers, Climate Resilience, Small and Marginal Farmers

Climate change in the form of uncertain rainfall, floods, droughts, temperature changes and increasing humidity is adversely affecting the agriculture and livelihoods of small and marginal farmers, especially women farmers in eastern Uttar Pradesh. Women, Dalits and Minorities are worst affected by such climate change impacts, due to their limited access and control over resources like land, denied roles in decision making on common resources and services.

With this backdrop, the project was implemented in 60 villages of 3 blocks of Gorakhpur with the aim of developing women farmer-led sustainable livelihood systems which are climate change resilient. The project worked towards women empowerment by building the capacities of small and marginal women farmers for raising their voices and taking appropriate actions on the issues of land rights, access and control over resources. It also influenced the MGNREGA scheme so that climate change resilience practices are adopted and promoted through the scheme which will lead to livelihood generation as well as sustainable development.

Following are the major impacts of the project:

  • -Around 17, 929 farmers out of which 12, 289 were female farmers of socially excluded communities were linked with Farmers Field School where they learnt techniques like crop rotation, seed production, bio-pesticides production, knowledge about land rights and welfare schemes
  • -10, 890 farmers adopted the activities of making NADEP, Vermicompost, Matka Khad and green manure etc. with the help of GEAG's Training
  • -Several beneficiaries were linked with government schemes and programmes like Wheat seed subsidy scheme, Paddy seed subsidy scheme, Vaccination scheme and soil treatment scheme etc.

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