State Level Departmental Disaster Management Plan and Standard Operating Procedures of Key Departments of Uttarakhand

Duration: 2016- 2018

Status: Completed
Supported by
Government of Uttarakhand
Tag Words

Disaster Management, Disaster Risk Reduction, Standard Operating Procedure

Uttarakhand is a state prone to natural disasters and the Government of Uttarakhand (GoUK) has taken several steps in the recent years to reduce state’s vulnerabilities and enhance the capacities of various line departments to deal with a disaster situation. As per the guidelines of National Disaster Management Authority, government departments must have specific roles under various phases of a disaster and such roles should be defined in the form of Departmental Disaster Management Plans (DDMP) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

GEAG had been assigned to review and devise DDMP at the state level with the aim of strengthening the capacities of various line departments.

Following are the key outcomes of the project:

  • -The departmental disaster management plan and standard operating procedures have been prepared for all the 10 departments.
  • -The standard operating procedure of five departments (PWD, Health, Power, Police and Drinking Water and Health Department) has been submitted by the Departmental Disaster Management Committee and submitted to Uttarakhand State Disaster Management Authority.
  • -Departmental Disaster Management Plan by four departments (PWD, Health, Power and Drinking Water and Health) has also been submitted by the Departmental Disaster Management Committee.

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