Technical and Implementation Support to Vitamin A, Zinc ORS and Adolescent Nutrition Programme in Uttar Pradesh

Duration: 2013- onwards

Status: Ongoing
Focus Area
Supported by
Nutrition International (NI)
Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh India
Tag Words

Nutrition, Iron Folic Acid Supplementation, Adolescent Health

Uttar Pradesh is among the states having highest incidences of anaemia, low birth weight and maternal mortality in the recent years. GEAG with the support of Nutrition International (NI) is providing technical support to the Government of Uttar Pradesh to implement Vitamin A, Iron Folic Acid (IFA) supplementation and Diarrhoea management program in 253 blocks of 20 districts of Uttar Pradesh. The program aims to ensure timely micronutrients supply for under-5 years old children and adolescent girls.

The programmatic strategies of this intervention can be divided into six different areas of operation:

  • -Timely and adequate procurement and distribution of Vitamin A/IFA tablets and Zinc/ORS
  • -Planning, execution and review of strategies to ensure maximum coverage
  • -Data maintenance and timely reporting
  • -Coordination and convergence among various departments.
  • -Capacity building
  • -Monitoring and handholding

Following are the major impacts of the program:

Under-5 nutrition intervention (Vitamin A Supplementation & Zinc/ORS)

  • - Improved coverage of Vitamin A in NI’s intervention districts and blocks
  • - Improved procurement and timely distribution
  • - Improved monitoring and quick corrective measures
  • - Improved data recording and reporting

Adolescent nutrition intervention (WIFS Programme)

  • - Increased coverage
  • - Improvement in procurement and distribution
  • - Improved data recording and reporting

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