Water Governance and River Basin Management

Duration: 2019-2020

Status: Completed
Focus Area
Sustainable water management
Supported by
The Asia Foundation
Indo-Nepal region
Tag Words

Political Economy Analysis (PEA)

GEAG partnered with The Asia Foundation, an international development organisation, to initiate a series of multi-layered trans-boundary dialogues to build support for sustainable water management within the river ecology and to explore the water-energy-food connection in the Kosi River basin.


The project aimed to build appreciation and alignment among the key stakeholders for sustainable water resource management in the Kosi River basin from local to sub-basin, basin, and trans-boundary levels.


A series of community and stakeholder dialogues took place in the Indian side of the Kosi basin. The dialogue process was primarily aimed at addressing two major issues

  • Changing nature of flooding and inundation that threatens and undermines livelihoods of the people in India, and
  • Construction of embankment in India, which continues to disregard multiple uses, users within the context of their needs on upstream and downstream.

The dialogue process helped in understanding the diverse perceptions of people on the issues of flooding/ inundation and embankment construction as well as in identifying certain points of common collaborative actions.

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