Regional Conference on Peri-Urban Ecosystems for Enhancing Urban Resilience

Published in 2017 | Type: Report
· Language: English
· Type: Report
· Location: New Delhi, India
· Year of publication: 2017
· Author(s):  GEAG, ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability-South Asia
· Page Number: 47

About the publication: The conference examined various themes including urbanization, managing peri-urban spaces, maintaining critical natural resources, food-water-livelihood security of poor and marginalized communities, gender dimensions, political frameworks, and governance issues exacerbating due to the inevitable drift of cities into peri-urban areas as well as the challenges of climate change impacts on these vulnerable areas.

Supported by: The Rockefeller Foundation

Tag words : Peri-Urban, Rural, Ecosystem, Livelihoods, Resilience, Agriculture, Food Security, Gender


Terms of use: Free to use with credit to GEAG and ICLEI-SA

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