Building climate change and disaster resilience for urban children" A Snapshot of key findings of GEAG-UNICEF's Interventions in four cities: Bhopal, Patna, Udaipur and Visakhapatnam

Published in 2017 | Type: Brief
· Language: English
· Type: Brief
· Location: Bhopal, Patna, Udaipur and Vishakhapatnam-India
· Year of publication: 2017
· Author(s):  GEAG
· No. of pages: 7

About the publication: The brief highlights the aim, objectives, methodology, processes and the key findings from the Child-Centered Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment carried out in four cities.

Project: Building Climate Change and Disaster Resilience for Urban Children

Supported by: UNICEF, India

Tag words : Climate Change, Resilience, Children, Urban, Nutrition, WASH, Health, Child Protection


Terms of use: Free to use with credit to GEAG

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