Learning from the Ground, Insights & Experiences from HRDP, Shravasti, U.P.

Published in 2023 | Type: Case Study
Shravasti district is amongst one of the most backward districts of Uttar Pradesh. More than 80% of its inhabitants are smallholder and marginal farmers whose livelihoods are dependent on farming and livestock rearing. They face an uncertain, difficult future due to shrinkage in cultivable land because to subdivision of land holdings. This restricts them to grow paddy as the main crop along with a few vegetables. Due to this constraint, small holder farmers are unable to grow cattle feed. This leads to nutrient deficiency in cattle, which makes them susceptible to disease and virus attacks, and brings about a decrease in milk production. Another issue is the high cost of animal feed. Thus, the quest for readily available and economical alternative sources has become critical for breeders seeking to minimize the cost of animal husbandry.

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