Aaroh: Asserting Rights, Demanding Justice- A Campaign for Women Farmers

Duration: 2008-2017

Status: Completed
Focus Area
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70 Districts of Uttar Pradesh, India
Tag Words

Women Farmers, Organic Farming

The Aaroh campaign aimed to achieve the rights of women farmers in Uttar Pradesh. It laid emphasis on women being the spokesperson for their own rights. Aaroh has established networking at the national level with “Makaam” and at the South Asia level with “Sangat”. It was a statewide campaign having its outreach in all the 70 districts of Uttar Pradesh/

The key objectives of the campaign were:

  • -Identification of women farmers as "Farmers" at systems and institutional level
  • -Enhanced access to property, land and agricultural assets

Following are the major impacts of the program:

  • -9, 415 women farmers got associated with the campaign
  • -More than 1000 women farmers received training in various agricultural fields like seed nursery, organic farming and veterinary science by government officers at four Aaroh Resource Centres
  • -Several women farmers emerged as progressive farmers who raised voice against less participation of women farmers in meetings
  • -Several women farmers got awards and prizes
  • -Revenue Code Bill 2016 came into place wherein the act defined the term “family” and gave decision making rights to wife and children for objecting land sale without their consent
  • -ICAR declared 15th October as “Women Farmers Day”
  • -Doordarshan started a programme titled “ Krishi Aur Mahilayen”
  • -Recognition of women farmers in policies and programmes at all levels. They are not only the beneficiaries but are part of the programme
  • -Leadership and capacity building trainings of women farmers
  • -Scope for amendment in the Uttar Pradesh Revenue Code Bill to ensure their land rights

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