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Climate and Disaster-resilient Agricultural Practices
Social and Economic Empowerment
Advocating for Gender and Child-sensitive Developmental Planning
Helping Build Climate and Disaster Resilience
Promoting Child and Adolescent Health
Promoting Conservation of the Natural Environment

Focus Areas

Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group

Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG) undertakes sustainable development initiatives for communities in rural and urban India.

In 1975, deeply influenced by the Chipko movement at home and the Stockholm Conference of 1972, a group of students, researchers, and faculty of Gorakhpur University in Uttar Pradesh began talking ‘environment’. They worked together to make efforts to preserve the local environment and conserve natural resources.

That’s how the idea that is GEAG was conceived. Soon, we were in the thick of local awareness and environmental education campaigns; we stood in solidarity with various contemporary national and international environmental movements; and we gradually widened our ideological horizons.

Since then, GEAG has been positively impacting the lives and livelihoods of several vulnerable communities, such as small-marginal and woman farmers, urban poor citizens and children through its intensive work on agriculture-based livelihoods, climate change resilience, disaster risk reduction, health, water and sanitation. In all these years, GEAG has emerged as a renowned resource organisation working in several states in India, especially in the northern region.

More than 40 years of Inclusive and Sustainable Development

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